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The copyright for the concept, design, and content for an "8 Wing/CFB Trenton Community Gateway" (or Internet Portal) is held by netLogistics Canada (June 2001). Any other site claiming otherwise is in breach of Canadian and international copyright laws.

netLogistics provides this website as a free service to aircrew, aircraft mechanics, ops-support personnel in the greater Quinte region, both active and retired. In addition, we provide resources for air force families and individuals who are moving to the Quinte area. The site provides those information resources, via the Internet, for air force personnel and their families.

Where applicable, all material accessed via this web site, or by email, remains copyrighted by the original accredited source. We do not cache or re-broadcast information, nor do we assert any copyright or claim to this data, nor do we accept any liability for the accuracy of the information generated by the source. By using you accept the terms and conditions set out in our Terms and Conditions for Use.

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