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This resource is intended to assist members of the CF in contacting each other. Members of the public are requested not to use this email list for official correspondence, as a means of soliciting squadron memorabilia, or sending uninvited "junk" email. Please visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for information on contacting CF members at 8 Wing, acquiring Squadron patches, photographs, etc.

Some email addresses contain the phrase "NO_SPAM". This is to prevent companies with automatic web browser software from scanning this web site to collect email addresses. These email addresses are then distributed to various companies resulting in junk email, or as it is known in the industry, "spam". If you wish to add this feature to your email address please indicate your preference when contacting the Webmaster. To send email to someone with "NO_SPAM", simply manually edit the address in the "TO:" field of your email software and remove the phrase prior to mailing.

Current and past members of the 8 Wing community are invited to add their names and email address to this directory. Please email the  with the following information:
  • Rank
  • First Name
  • Initial
  • Surname
  • Unit
  • Email Address (must be appear in body of email)
  • Local (with DSN if applicable)
Note: your local or telephone number will not be listed. It is for Web Site Administrative purposes only.


  • How to be eMail efficient....

  • Email hoaxes and Internet rumours...

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