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Based on the requests typically received, there is a good chance the information you want can be obtained more quickly from this page than by e-mailing us.

Topics to date include:
  1. Tours of 8 Wing
  2. Quinte International Air Show
  3. Employment at 8 Wing
  4. Where to Address Correspondence to 8 Wing
  5. Airshows
  6. CFB Trenton and RCAF Historical Information
  7. To Locate a Missing Person
  8. To Obtain Service Records of Retired or Deceased Personnel
  9. Historical Information Requests
  10. Purchasing Air Force Badges, Crests and Wings
  11. Purchasing Photos or Obtaining Reprints
  12. Career Opportunities in the Canadian Forces
  13. The Air Force 5BX Exercise Program

Tour Requests

Requests for tours of 8 Wing must be submitted to the
Wing Public Affairs office. While they welcome requests from anyone, please bear in mind that operational committments at the Wing remain a priority and requests will be handled on a case by case basis. Hint: they prefer groups with no more than 35 persons, that participants be 8 years or older, and that school tours be relevant to aviation or career courses. Your chances of having a tour request granted are greater if you provide at least 6 weeks notice.
Tour requests must be submitted in writing to the Wing Public Affairs office at the Wing (see our section on who to write to).


Quinte International Air Show

Dates will be posted on this web site as soon as they are known.


Employment at 8 Wing

8 Wing, CFB Trenton employs civilian personnel in a number of limited but vital roles on the base. Job postings are available through your local Canada Employment Centre, or by contacting the the Wing Civilian Personnel Officer.

For employment information about the Canadian Forces, please visit your local Recruiting Centre. Recruiting Centres can be found in the Yellowpages, or check out their web site at:


Where to Address Correspondence to 8 Wing

Official correspondence concerning 8 Wing, CFB Trenton activities is to be directed to:

Wing Commander
8 Wing Trenton
PO Box 1000, Stn Forces
Astra, Ontario
K0K 3W0
Similarly, correspondence to an individual or a unit/squadron at 8 Wing should be addressed to:
{name of individual/unit}
8 Wing Trenton
PO Box 1000, Stn Forces
Astra, Ontario
K0K 3W0



8 Wing participates in several airshows around Canada every year. Additionally, they host the Quinte International Air Show every other year.

Requests for 8 Wing aircraft/units to participate in airshows must be made to 1 Canadian Air Division in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

Should you require an address, please visit the Canadian Air Force homepage at:

or contact the Wing Public Affairs Office for assistance.


CFB Trenton and RCAF Historical Information

Requests for historical information about the Canadian Forces, the RCAF, or CFB Trenton, should be directed to the staff at the National Air Force Museum of Canada. The National Air Force Museum of Canada is located here at 8 Wing Trenton and features a unique display of military aircraft and RCAF memorabilia. Visit the
National Air Force Museum of Canada website for more information.


To Locate a Missing Person

DND/CF are not permitted to release personal information about currently serving members. However, the options listed below should prove helpful.

First, contact Veterans' Affairs Canada. Check in the blue pages of your phone directory under the Federal Government pages for a local number in your area. Veterans' Affairs will provide you with instructions applicable to your situation.

A second option is to publish an advertisement in the "Vapour Trails" column (a column of advertisements in search of serving or retired members) of Airforce Magazine:

Airforce Magazine
Box 2460, Stn "D"
Ottawa ON
K1P 5W6

Attention: The Editor


To Obtain Service Records of Retired or Deceased Personnel


Director National Archives of Canada
Government Records Branch
National Personnel Records Centre
Tunney's Pasture
Ottrawa ON
K1A 0N3

With your request, be sure to provide the member's rank, service number, names, date of birth, place of birth, where and when enlisted, where and when discharged, and if applicable, a copy of the death certificate and certificate of marriage.

Canadian Post War Military & Dependant Graves
Library & Archives Canada - Military Records


Historical Information Requests


Directorate of History and Heritage
MGen George R. Pearkes Building
Ottawa, ON, K1A 0K2

FAX : (613) 990-8579


Purchasing Air Force Badges and Wings

If you wish to acquire squadron badges, trade wings, or all manner of miscellany, please contact:

Attn: Curator
National Air Force Museum of Canada
CFB Trenton
P.O. Box 1000 Stn. Forces
Astra, ON
K0K 3W0

Phone: (613) 965-2140

Fax: (613) 965-7352

You may also write directly to a squadron at 8 Wing to acquire squadron patches, t-shirts, or ball-caps.

436 (T) Squadron


Purchasing Photos or Obtaining Reprints

If you have the CF Negative Number (the "serial number" stamped or written on the back of a CF photograph), you can order reprints by contacting:

Public Works and Government Services Canada
Imaging and Photography Division
350 Albert Street, 5 Floor
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0S5

Telephone : (613) 990-0602 / 990-0612
Facsimile : (613) 990-0613

If you do not have the CF Negative Number, you may contact the Central Negative Library of the CF Photographic Unit in Ottawa, or the National Archives, with as much information as possible (including approximate date, location, full name, rank, squadron, and a good photocopy or facsimile of both sides of photos in your possession) about the photograph you wish located.

Once you have discovered the negative number, follow the ordering information above if the negative resides in CNL. If the negative is at the National Archives, follow their instructions for obtaining reprints.

Contact numbers are :

Central Negative Library
Canadian Forces Photographic Unit
National Research Center Campus / Building M-23
Ottawa, Ontario
K1A 0K2

Telephone : (613) 991-9387 / 991-2219
Facsimile : (613) 990-9047

National Archives

Telephone : (613) 996-7797 / 992-3884
Facsimile : (613) 995-6274

Note: Photo reproduction services are not free, and you will be given a price-quote before work is started. Negative number research work, however, is free.


Career Opportunities in the Canadian Forces

Contact your nearest Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre (CFRC), under "Recruiting" in your local Yellow Pages. A toll-free number is provided if you do not live near a CFRC.

The Department of National Defence also provides a web site with Recruiting information:


The Air Force 5BX Exercise Program

The 5BX (Five Basic Exercises) program, which was extremely popular during the 1950s, is no longer in existence. We are unable to provide it because the exercise principles of the program have long been proven invalid by scientific advances in modern exercise physiology. The 5BX program was also considered hazardous since it was unsupervised.

If you are interested in getting back in shape, please consult your physician before embarking on any exercise program.

For information on current CF fitness programs
click here


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