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Your privacy is our priority. netLogistics appreciates the trust you place in us when you send us an email query with your return email address. We will not sell, share or make available your email address to any third-party. Nor will we disclose to any third-party any details about services you utilize. Spam hurts us all. It can slow down our ability to provide you with rapid email responses to your queries, it can be interruptive and it costs money - particularly spam received to wireless devices. Our information services rely on using email to provide you with updates, or other information that you have specifically requested. We will not allow your email address to ever be used for spam.

If you are on our user email notification list, from time to time we will notify you by email of any changes, enhancements or planned outages of our services. You will be automatically added to our user notification list the first time you utilize one of our email information services.

netLogistics reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy whenever the need arises. Changes to this policy will be posted to this site in a timely manner. This policy is not a contractual agreement and does not provide you with any legal rights.

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